• Dr Ruizhi Wang, Abselion (formerly HexagonFab)

    Our i-Teams project is what actually set us on the right path! Before heading into i-Teams we were looking into drug discovery as an application area. It was during i-Teams that one student connected us with the biopharma production teams at a major pharmaceutical company. That's where we discovered the actual sweetspot for our current…


  • Professor John Archer,

    I usually stick with my decisions once I make them, but the student i-Team made me reconsider my own conclusions and adopt a different approach


  • Dr. Florin Udrea

    My feedback on i-Teams is truly excellent. I think they have done an exceptional job. They found new applications for our microhotplates and I am already thinking of starting one or even two new R&D projects in these areas


  • Professor David Russell

    This was too good an opportunity to miss. We recognised the value of i-Teams immediately and were pleased to have been chosen as the first project from outside Cambridge. We have been impressed with the high calibre team assembled and plan to stay in touch with them.


  • Professor Nigel Slater FREng

    I am ecstatic! They did a fantastic job.


  • Jobey Meacham

    I was impressed with what the group has done so far and the number of interviews that they have conducted, especially over such a short period of time.