Information for students

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Who can join?

When does it run?

How long does it last?

How much time does it take?

Who is in an i-Team?

What will I learn?

You gain the hands-on experience and satisfaction of “learning by doing”, working on a real project where your ideas and conclusions will influence future directions and outcomes. Skills gained include:

Final results are presented to a mixed university and industry audience, and back-up materials are also given to the researchers.

What do I get?

Do I need previous business/commercial experience?

Absolutely not. Anyone can apply to join i-Teams, whether or not you have previous commercial experience. Teams are chosen to have as broad a range of backgrounds as possible, and all your current knowledge and experience may well prove to be useful. The key qualification is to be enthusiastic and willing to try out new approaches.

Do I need relevant technical knowledge?

Absolutely not, and you don’t need to be a scientist either. We specifically look for teams to be multi-disciplinary, so while one or two team members may have a background directly relevant to the technology, most of the team members will not. Our aim is to take a fresh view of the invention, to see if it can be used in applications and markets outside of the researcher’s own experience.

Can I use my own project?

Currently i-Teams uses the projects shown on this website, which are pre-selected for their relevance and commercial potential. If you have a project that you would like to have considered for future terms, please contact Amy Weatherup.

Do I need to apply as part of an existing team?

No, we ask for people to apply separately. Teams are selected from individual applications, to ensure that the team members have as broad a range of backgrounds as possible. If there are other people applying who you would specifically like to work with, then please include that with your application.

What about Intellectual Property?