Medical i-Teams

Cambridge based i-Team investigating the best commercialisation approaches for new medical or health-related technology. Runsin Lent term in partnership with the Cambridge Academy of Therapeutic Sciences

Medical technology in Cambridge

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Medical i-Teams investigates the best commercialisation approach for a new medical or health-related technology, including treatments, diagnostics and research tools. In most cases this includes interviews with clinicians and patients or patient groups.

Participants gain the hands-on experience and satisfaction of “learning by doing”, working on a real project where their ideas and conclusions will influence future directions and outcomes. Skills gained include:

  • Teamworking & team management
  • Brainstorming
  • Identify the key commercial benefits of a technology or product innovation
  • Identify relevant competitors and potential collaborators
  • Identify and contact relevant industry experts, clinicians and patient groups
  • Use and develop your own network of contacts
  • Cold calling and extracting useful information from commercial contacts
  • Analyse incomplete data from a variety of sources to draw a justifiable conclusion
  • Presentation skills (for a non-expert audience)

The syllabus includes lectures on the practicalities of taking medical innovations from the lab to the clinic, medical ethics considerations, and an introduction to commercial considerations.

Runs in partnership with the Cambridge Academy of Therapeutic Sciences 

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Tuesday evenings from 7pm-10pm

Either online or at the IfM, depending on latest guidance

9 weeks, every Tuesday in Full Term

Any post-graduate student or post-doctoral researcher at the University of Cambridge, Babraham Institute, Sanger Centre or the British Antarctic Survey

How to apply for upcoming Cambridge Medical i-Team projects

The i-Team projects are open to all post-graduate and post-doctoral students at the University.