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Adrian Swinburne

Quintaxiom Ltd.
adrian swinburne

Adrian is an experienced technology business manager and engineering professional with 27 years experience in complex product development and technology commercialisation.Having spent the bulk of his career developing products for niche wireless applications, he has most recently been responsible for the UK consulting business unit of Sagentia Ltd, a business and technology consultancy, managing a diverse team of consultants, engineers and scientists, delivering a range of professional services. He now runs his own company, Quintaxiom Ltd., supporting technology businesses with strategic planning through to project execution.

His particular expertise lies in the management of the product development process and management of technology organisations and technologists undertaking product or technology development.

Adrian has been a mentor on a number of i-Teams projects:

  • Low-cost solution for variable speed motors (Michaelmas 2007)
  • A novel electric micro-sensor (Lent 2008)
  • A Chinese speech recognition system (Michaelmas 2008)
  • Finding applications for micro-hotplates as gas sensors and more (Easter 2009)
  • Commercialising a highly-sensitive inertial sensor (Michaelmas 2010)
  • Redesigning electricity – Changing copper cables to carbon (Easter 2012)
  • Finding the best commercial application for a new type of tuneable lens (Michaelmas 2012)
  • Video data analysis via object segmentation – labelling video content, tracking biological cells and more (Michaelmas 2013)
  • Investigating the need for a compact ultra-low-temperature cooler in quantum computing and other applications (Easter 2015)
  • Finding the best market for low cost, efficient disruption of biomass (Michaelmas 2015)