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Cambridge Carbon Capture, a i-Teams project during Michaelmas 2010 has scooped £40,000 from the Shell Springboard programmefor its Idea to combat climate change.

Michael Priestnall, the firm’s founder and Chief Technologist of said: “CCC has spent the last year with Professor Fray and his team in the Department of Materials Science to prove the feasibility of a new and potentially profitable approach to carbon capture and storage.

“Cambridge Enterprise, EEDA and the Technology Strategy Board gave the critical initial backing that allowed us to demonstrate that CO2 can be converted electrochemically into useful solid materials. We’ve been fortunate to benefit from two high-calibre i-Teams looking at the possible market applications for our technology.

“Of course we were able to guide the teams with our initial ideas, but the teams worked hard to identify senior industry contacts, pick up the phones and conduct really valuable independent first-hand research in a way that we couldn’t possibly have done ourselves. Several of those initial i-Teams contacts are now developing into deeper engagements for us.”