Contact: Dr. Salman Taherian & Dr. Marcelo Pias, Computer Lab
Mentor: Dr. John Hunter

A team of researchers from the Computer Lab and Engineering in Cambridge has worked for the past 2 years on a detailed sensing project for athletes. The SESAME project (SEnsing in Sport and Managed Exercise) has looked at a variety of methods for measuring and analysing the detailed performance of athletes in real time, with the aim of developing a system and methodology that can help them to improve their performance. Sprinting has been used as a test case for the research activities, working closely with the National Indoor Sports Stadium in Cardiff and also with a team of athletes, coaches and sports scientists.

The researchers have developed a modular system allowing each type of measurement to be used separately or in conjunction with other measurements. Key requirements have been to develop highly accurate forms of measurement that are easy to use and set up. The data collected is now being analysed to identify a range of performance characteristics that can help coaches and athletes to identify weaknesses and develop appropriate training programmes.

The research team are now interested in investigating other areas where such a system can bring real-world benefits. Should they focus on the professional sports arena, perhaps moving to a number of other sports, each with different detailed requirements, or perhaps expand to amateur sports, clinical rehabilitation and other areas. The role of the i-Team will be to identify and investigate other areas where such a system could be used and recommend the best approach to the researchers.