Congratulations to Dr Sithamparanathan Sabesan on receiving a Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellowship

Many congratulations to Dr. Sithamparanathan Sabesan for being awarded a Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellowship!

Dr. Sabesan worked with an i-Team in 2009, looking at possible applications for his long-range RFID (radio frequency identification) technology. Since then the technology has been further developed and trialled with customers to create a new goods and luggage tagging and tracking system that can pinpoint items with near 100% accuracy and over a much greater distance than existing technology. The PervasID system has the potential to save airlines millions of pounds annually through allowing frequent fliers access to fully automated self-check-in, and to enable high-value goods retailers to benefit from secure self-service checkouts.

The Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellows receive up to £85,000 of funding to spend 12 months exclusively developing a spin-out business based on their technologies. They also receive ongoing mentoring and support. Other i-Teams inventors who have been awarded Enterprise Fellowships include Dr. Damian Gardiner (i-Teams 2013) who is developing new printed laser technology, and Dr. Adar Pelah (i-Teams 2007) who is commercialising the StroMoHab system for stroke rehabilitation.