i-Teams winners at the CUE £100 for 100 words competition!

Two i-Teams ideas and a past i-Teams inventor are among the winners of this year’s Cambridge University Entrepreneurs £100 Challenge, successfully describing their ideas in only 100 words.

The Michaelmas Term MOFs team has managed to win two separate prizes for two separate market applications of their technology. They are working with Dr. David Fairen-Jiminez of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology on a new method of manufacturing metal-organic framework materials. These have a broad array of uses, including gas purification, gas storage, CO2 capture and drug delivery.

Dr. Ehsan Abdi, whose technology for brushless motors featured in an i-Team back in 2007, and forms the basis of Wind Technologies Ltd. has also won £100 for one of his newer ideas.

A very well done to them indeed!