Year/Course: 2021-2022
Global i-Team: Nairobi

Contacts: Francesca O’Hanlon & Rebecca Donaldson, BlueTap
Mentor: TBC

Blue Tap is a social enterprise founded by Cambridge University students which aims to deliver safe drinking water to families all over the world.

Their first product provides chlorine dosing technology designed to be used in decentralised water systems. Chlorine is one of the most affordable and effective methods of water treatment. However existing commercial solutions are expensive and difficult to maintain.
Blue Tap has developed a lower cost chlorine dosing system, enabling village-level water treatment facilities to supply safe drinking water in an affordable and sustainable way. This is currently being piloted in community water systems in Kenya, through Blue Tap’s partners who provide decentralised water services, most of whom are NGOs.

The founders are now ready to plan a wider deployment of their chlorine dosing system in Kenya and are interested in finding partners and licensees to work with them.

The questions for the i-Team include identifying and interviewing possible manufacturers and distributors for the Blue Tap product, investigating the regulatory hurdles for the product, and advising whether they should manufacture entirely in Kenya or import components and assemble them in Kenya. The i-Team will also look in more detail at possible uses of the Blue Tap chlorine system in schools, refugee camps and in small utility companies, by talking to relevant organisations and experts.