Year/Course: 2008-2009, Easter 2009
Project type: Taster

Contacts: Dr. Shamus Husheer, Cambridge Temperature Concepts
Mentor: Caren Weinberg

Cambridge Temperature Concepts Ltd (CTC) is a recent university spin-out, which started in the college rooms of graduate students, won multiple university business plan competitions, and raised funding from local Angel investors.

CTC has developed a highly precise body-worn wireless temperature logger, initially aimed at the detection of ovulation for conception assistance (

The wireless technology used is based on RFID, and is presently being made NFC-compatible ( to enable applications where physiological temperature data can be collected in-situ, sent out to any mobile phone, and analysed either on the phone or via the internet on dedicated servers. A wide range of possible applications could be envisaged, from consumer healthcare for exercise or dieting, to management of chronic conditions. The sensor is precise enough to measure temperature to within hundredths of a degree, allowing for other potential applications in sensitive goods transportation or research.

The question for the I-Team is : armed with a mobile phone, internet connection, and highly accurate wireless temperature logger, what will people want to do (and be willing to pay for)?