Contact: Jake Schofield, Founder & CEO, LabStep & Alisa Molotova
Mentor: Tiffany Morris

Labstep is a new solution to an age-old problem in scientific experimentation: how to ensure that all the details of an experimental method are captured accurately, so that experiments can be more reliably reproduced.

The Labstep tool can capture data in real-time from a range of scientific equipment, creating an audit trail of experiments that can either be used by the researcher themselves or shared with any internal or external collaborators. It has been built as a web-based app that can be accessed from any type of device, and an open API allows scientists to link in their own particular set of lab equipment.

Labstep was started by a team of scientists from Oxford University and is now based in London. Following their successful completion of the Seedcamp incubation programme, they have received initial funding from a group of Angel investors.

The initial product has been developed and launched to a worldwide user base of lab-based scientists and academic researchers, at over 380 universities including Cambridge, Oxford, MIT and Stanford.

The i-Team’s work will focus on discussing the software and its capabilities with a wide range of scientists in academia and the commercial world, so that Labstep can identify which features would be most beneficial, and which scientific disciplines have greatest need for the product.