Year/Course: 2021-2022, Easter 2022
Mentor: Claire Rose

Inventors: Lisa Kent & Luisa Deragon, REUSE2GO
Mentor: Claire Rose, RS Components

REUSE2GO’s mission is to eliminate the use of single-use food and drink takeaway containers, by replacing these with reusables.

Similar to a library book management system, reusable containers are digitally borrowed and linked to individuals through a personal QR code, displayed on an app at the point of food/drink purchase. The app also enables the individual to receive reminders to return their containers, easily locate return drop-off points and “scan and drop” return stations, collect points and redeem rewards.

Benefits for takeaway providers include carbon footprint savings data tracking and reporting, and cost savings. Containers are heat- and leak-resistant, can be reused over 1,000 times and can ultimately be recycled – amounting to a zero-waste system.

The company’s long-term vision is to have multiple “interconnected city-wide” reusable systems across the UK enabled by a full-scale sustainable logistical operation, where consumers will have access to a wide variety of return options, including home collection.

Initial trials have been carried out with Darwin and Girton Colleges, and the founders are now participating in the Allia Climate Accelerator, in addition to Cambridge Judge Business School’s Accelerate Cambridge programme, to take them to the next stage of product development.

The role for the i-Team is to investigate possible markets for the reusable containers, interviewing catering, environmental and financial decision makers within relevant organisations to understand how REUSE2GO’s products and services could help them move to a zero-waste system. They will also look at the competitive landscape for zero-waste or low-waste solutions and investigate the motivations for consumers to choose greener alternatives.