Contact: Enass Abo-Hamed & Dr. Roger Coulston, Chemistry
Mentors: Dr. Julian White & John Hunter

A previous i-Team in Easter 2013 investigated the uses for a new method of hydrogen-production, and concluded that the two best markets for the technology were those where hydrogen is used as a fuel for combustion, and that of hydrogen fuel cells. The technology allows hydrogen to be produced from a stable solid at a controlled rate when it is needed, as an alternative to using tanks of hydrogen.

The researcher now seeks some additional students with business experience to help her investigate these two markets in more detail, and determine if there is a viable case for a start-up company. This team will work with her and some of the members of the original i-Team to take these ideas forward.

i-Teams Plus provides a framework for continuing work on an i-Teams project. The team will be expected to set its own targets and milestones, while benefitting from the support of business mentors. It is expected that the team will identify potential customers and development partners, investigate viable routes to market for the technology, and look at the potential for investment.