Year/Course: 2020-2021
Project type: Medical

Inventor: Dr Amber Hill, Research Grid
Mentor: Dr. Cathy Boucher

Medical research activities including early research and clinical trials have a high administrative burden and often require patient/public involvement and engagement. These must be carried out in a structured and specific way to gather relevant and useful data. These processes are manually-intensive, time-consuming and expensive to set up and maintain for each research project.

Research Grid is an early-stage startup which aims to address these problems with its R.Grid software which is currently at the beta-test stage. R.Grid is a machine-learning based solution which can fulfil a number of medical research administration and project management tasks.

The aim of R.grid is to significantly increase the efficiency of medical research processes, from months to minutes. In particular, improve the quality of data gathered and analysed, speed up the process of meeting the requirements for the appropriate regulatory processes, while at the same time reducing the costs involved.

The question for the i-Team is to look at the needs of different types of customers and users of R.Grid, to help define the requirements for different sectors as well as identifying which sectors would gain the greatest benefit from the product. This will range from clinical research facilities, to biomed service providers and tech companies, large pharmaceutical companies, and adjacent sectors.