Inventor: Dr. Daniel Esteban-Ferrer, Chemistry & ViRe Instruments S.L.
Mentor: Dr. Mark Priest

The inventor and his team are focused on producing tools to allow the effective use and visualisation of three-dimensional datasets, for example using VR to visualise super-resolution microscopy images. Such a tool has many requirements to be effective and user-friendly, including being easy to annotate the data and identify regions of interest within the data.

There are also many different applications where visualisation of 3D data would have a significant impact. These range from drug discovery and diagnosis applications in life sciences, to materials research and engineering developments.

The inventor is developing a flexible platform which could be used for any of these applications, but intends to focus his commercial efforts on a single market initially. The question for the i-Team is which market this should be. By investigating a wide range of uses and talking to industry experts, the i-Team will need to analyse and recommend the markets with the greatest need for this new software tool, so that it can be tested with relevant datasets and refined to ensure that it offers appropriate features and functionality.