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  • A smart ophthalmoscope for traumatic brain injury in resource-limited settings

    Inventor: Dr. Brandon Smith, Clinical Neuroscience Mentor: TBC Direct ophthalmoscopy is an indispensable diagnostic tool to evaluate adults and children with suspected intracranial hypertension. Optic nerve oedema (papilloedema) has been well defined as an objective and important sign that suggests central nervous system pathology requiring urgent evaluation with brain imaging methods. However, direct ophthalmoscopy is…

    Amy Weatherup

  • Assessing the need for a battery health monitoring system for

    Inventor: Solar E-Cycles, Nairobi, Kenya Mentor: TBC A Kenyan e-mobility startup is collaborating with students from the University of Cambridge to design and prototype a battery health monitoring system for the lithium-ion batteries used for electric motorbikes. While battery charging is seen as most appropriate for private cars, a battery-swap system is needed for the…

    Amy Weatherup

  • Investigating the market need for regenerating medical oxygen concentrators in

    Inventor: Ben Moore, OVSI Mentor: TBC The medical oxygen concentrators typically used by health facilities in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) were designed for home use in developed countries with temperate climates, reliable electricity access and regular maintenance services. When these devices are operated in harsh environmental and challenging infrastructural conditions, including high humidity and…

    Amy Weatherup

  • Investigating the market for an easy-to-use digital exhibitions platform

    Inventor: Dr. Christopher Burgess, Head of Exhibitions and Public Programmes, Cambridge University Library Mentor: Bob Pettigrew Although many museums have invested significantly in digitising their collections, so far they have not managed to create compelling online exhibitions which people choose to visit in their leisure time. This was demonstrated during the COVID lockdowns when the…


  • Exploring the market for a rapid point-of-care miniaturised diagnostic test

    Inventors: Shuler Xu, Medicine & Nipun Sawhey, Physics The inventors are developing a rapid point-of-care test which can produce an accurate result in 10 minutes from urine, nasal and urethral swab samples, with a similar specificity and flexibility to the gold-standard PCR tests carried out in laboratories. The aim is to produce a test that…


  • Identifying the industry need for an automated nanofabrication system

    Inventors: Teja Potocnik, Dr. Ralf Mouthaanm Dr. Peter Christopher & Dr. Jack Alexander-Webber, Engineering & NanomationWebsite: www.lithotag.com The researchers and founders of the early-stage start-up Nanomation are experts in nanofabrication, specifically in the use of nanomaterials for electronic devices such as transistors and photodetectors. One of the current difficulties in using nanomaterials is that fabrication…

    Amy Weatherup