• Nadya Pohran, PhD

    I participated in the i-Teams program back in 2018 and it was among some of my most formative interdisciplinary research experiences during my doctorate at the University of Cambridge --- and I think that's saying something!I'd strongly encourage students -- especially the humanities students in anthropology/sociology/etc. to look into this and apply.


  • Making deductions from incomplete datasets – in drug discovery, materials

    Contact: Dr. Gareth Conduit, Physics & Ben Pellgrini, Intellegens Mentor: Paul May Intellegens is a spin-out from the University of Cambridge which develops unique Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms that have the capability to train and predict from incomplete data. The algorithm has been developed in the Physics department and has already had commercial success in…

    Amy Weatherup

  • The Fiber Faucet : Exploring the commercial potential for efficient

    Contact: Dr. Stoyan Smoukov, Active & Intelligent Materials Lab, School of Engineering and Materials Science, Queen Mary University of London and University of Cambridge Mentor: Adrian Swinburne Nanofibers have demonstrated potential to be used in high efficiency air and water filtration, as tissue engineering scaffolds, as protein affinity purification columns, battery separation membranes, and smart…

    Amy Weatherup

  • Developing a new biodegradable plastic from industrial waste materials

    Contact: Elena Loche More information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ZOjG5_N5UQ Mentor: Dr. Jessica Ocampos Elena Loche and her team members from Ecuador, Sweden and New Zealand were the winners of the Gap Summit competition 2017 with their idea of using the waste biomass from citric acid production to produce a biodegradable biopolymer to be used as a replacement for…

    Amy Weatherup