Development i-Teams

Cambridge based i-Team investigating sustainable innovation in the developing world. Runs in Michaelmas and Lent terms in partnership with the Centre for Global Equality

Sustainable growth

Working together for better lives in the developing world

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Development i-Teams investigates how new innovations can be used to improve people’s lives in the developing world in a sustainable way.

Development i-Teams projects typically address questions of route-to-market and available funding for using new technologies in the developing world, as well as identifying the best countries to work in. Several Development i-Teams projects have moved into the Centre for Global Equality’s Cultivator programme after completion of the i-Teams course, often with the participation of some of the original i-Teams members.

Questions that Development i-Teams consider include:

  • What is the development need that this technology or product aims to address?
  • Is this appropriate for use in a development context, and if so, how, and in what geographies?
  • Can it be used to create or enhance good-quality low-cost products, that are affordable for ordinary people?
  • What are the best routes to market, and how does pricing affect these?
  • What is the best way to generate sustainable long-term impact? For example, via commercial organisations, social enterprises, international or local NGOs, charities or a combination of these?
  • Does the technology lend itself to a mixed approach, with customers in both the developed and the developing world?

The syllabus includes lectures from experts on inclusive innovation and experienced entrepreneurs on the practicalities of taking new technologies into low and middle income countries.

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Runs in partnership with the Centre for Global Equality

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Michaelmas and Easter

Tuesday evenings from 7pm-10pm

At the IfM, with a Zoom option available

5 weeks (6 sessions), all within Full Term

Any student (under-graduate or post-graduate), post-doctoral researcher or member of staff at the University of Cambridge, Babraham Institute or the British Antarctic Survey

This includes PhD students, Masters students, MBAs, Research Assistants and all undergraduates, as well as post-docs and university staff.

Places on the I-Teams programme are fully-funded for all participants from any department or institute.

How to apply for upcoming Cambridge Development i-Team projects

The i-Team projects are open to all students at the University.