Inventor: Dr Jessica Ocampos, Camnexus (formerly of Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology)
Mentor: Adrian Swinburne, Quintaxiom

Camnexus-IoT-Network is an end-to-end “Internet of Things” solution from sensors network to real-time warning system. The solution integrates wireless battery-powered sensors through a low-power and long-power area network (LoRaWAN) based backbone to a cloud-based server. This system allows the management of the devices and the data collected, providing a unique platform that collects and presents data graphically in real-time. The platform is very flexible and can support a wide range of sensor devices, as well as allowing integration with other existing management systems.

Initial pilot deployments to test the system have been based on the needs identified by the company’s partners. A common pattern has been better water management for small scale farmers in Brazil or water utility companies in Chile. Two key competitive advantages have been highlighted during these pilots, first that the sensors can communicate with the gateway in the absence of a mobile phone network, which means operational cost-reduction, higher scalability and accessibility; and secondly the ease-of-use of having a complete integrated end-to-end solution, which includes real-time alerts as well as the connectivity and sensors.

The challenge for the i-Team is to investigate other applications for the technology beyond water management, both in the developed and developing world. What types of sensors and deployments would benefit from the Camnexus system, and where can the technology have the greatest impact?